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Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

Ah, summer time! Here in sunny SoCal, we love our sunny days and warm weather. It’s the perfect season to unwind and relax by the beach with our friends and family. But as we enjoy our summer days, we also want to remember what the beginning of summer means for our feline friends. The start of summer is typically when animal shelters and rescues across the nation are flooded with large numbers of homeless kittens and adult cats.

Cats can breed throughout the year, but there are certain seasons like in the spring and summer when outdoor cats will enter multiple heat cycles. The ASPCA began Adopt A Shelter Cat Month to bring awareness to the overwhelming need to find these cats loving homes.

“Kitten season is one of the most dangerous times of year for homeless cats and kittens. During this season, resources like food, money and space are stretched to the brink.” – ASPCA

Here are some ways you can help: 


The best way you can make a difference is to give a homeless cat a furrever home. When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you are saving a life, you have a wonderful new kitty to fall in love with, and you are making room for another cat in the shelter. It’s a win-win-win for you, the cat, and the shelter!


During this time, resources are usually stretched thin. A monetary contribution to your city or county animal shelter can help the organization house, feed, and promote adoption. You can also contact the organization to ask if they are accepting material goods like blankets, unopened can/dry food, beds, toys, etc. And lastly, consider donating your time. Animal shelters are often looking for volunteers to help out at events, process paperwork, walk dogs, nurse kittens, take photos, groom animals, lead educational tours, etc. See if your local shelter has a volunteer position that interests you.


Many shelters work with animal rescue groups in the community. And when shelters are overcrowded they will work with rescues to pull animals out of the shelter to make room for incoming homeless animals. Unlike a shelter with a specific location, these rescue groups often rely on fosters to take care of adoptable animals. In many cases, the rescue group will cover food and medical expenses for the animal. Fosters provide temporary housing to the animal until the animal is adopted into a furrever home. Fosters are usually responsible for taking the animal to various adoption events, trips to the veterinarian, and of course, showing the animal love.

Spread Awareness

Tell your friends and families about Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. Education them on the importance of spaying and neutering cats to prevent overpopulation. Cats are often referred to as the underdogs of the shelter world. Of the 3.4 million cats that enter animal shelters, the ASPCA estimates that “approximately 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% of cats who came in as strays are returned to their owners.”

Share this blog post on social media. You can help bring an end to homeless animals by spreading awareness.

Local Animal Shelters

If you live or work in the Thousand Oaks / Conejo Valley / Ventura area, here are some animal shelters that would love your support:

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