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Happy National Dog Week

VSEC Blog National Dog Week

We are in full swing of National Dog Week (September 20-26). This is a great week to give back to your dog and to the community. There are only a few more days until this paw-some holiday ends, so let’s make it count!

Here are 7 different ways you can celebrate man’s best friend this week.

  1. Go on a day-trip to a dog park or dog beach.

    National Dog Week is the perfect excuse to take your furry friend to a dog park or dog beach (or both!) where they can run and play to their heart’s content. Check out these dog parks nearby.

  2. Arrange a photo shoot for you and your dog.

    A photo shoot is a great way to celebrate the relationship you have with your dog. Find a photographer who specializes in pet photography. They will usually have more tricks up their sleeve to keep your dog’s attention on the camera. Can’t afford a photographer? This article provides a few tips on how to take great photos of your dog.

  3. Schedule your dog’s twice-yearly annual checkup with your primary care veterinarian.

    The best way you can celebrate your dog is to make sure he stays healthy. Your pets should be receiving an annual check up twice a year, not only to stay up to date on their vaccines, but also to catch any early signs of disease.

  4. Learn life-saving techniques like CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

    Click the image to download full size poster.

    The American Red Cross has created a wonderful infographic on how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. While we hope that none of us will need to perform these on our dogs, it’s always best to be prepared. Even if your dog seems fine, remember to take your dog to your veterinarian or to an emergency animal hospital immediately after you’ve performed CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver so a veterinarian can check for any damages or potential illness.

  5. Support a local animal rescue or shelter.

    There are many ways you can help an animal rescue or shelter. Many local animal rescues and shelters are usually looking for new volunteers and donors. During National Dog Week, start looking into how you can give back. Participate in a fundraising event, volunteer at an adoption event, foster adoptable pets, or donate directly to your favorite organization. Doing a simple Google search of “animal rescues in Thousand Oaks, CA” will bring up a list of organizations.

  6. Splurge on new toys.

    We probably don’t need another reason to buy our dogs a new toy, but since it’s National Dog Week, we’re adding it to our list. Nothing seems to make our dogs happier than a toy to play with. Whether it’s rubber squeak toys, plush dolls, or crackly water bottle toys, splurge on a couple of your dog’s favorite toys this week.

  7. Adopt a new furry friend.

    What better way to celebrate dogs than to give a dog a forever home? Consider adopting a dog to add to your pack. Many shelters across the nation are cutting adoption prices this week. Contact your local shelter to learn more.

What are your plans for National Dog Week?

We’d love to hear about all the fun things you’ve done or plan to do. Share your plans with us on our Facebook!

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