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Incredibly Accommodating

From the moment my dog Mitch (a 10yr old black lab/german shepherd mix) and I pulled into the parking lot at VSEC, the entire staff was incredibly accommodating. Mitch is slightly dog aggressive and requires extra care with transporting him into the emergency room where other dogs are present. They were able to provide a safe pathway for us to enter and get us into a room where Mitch was comfortable.

Mitch was suffering from bilateral laryngeal paralysis and needed surgery to help him breathe. Dr. Norris' knowledge on this very specific type of surgery was overwhelming and she made me feel incredibly confident that she knew exactly what he needed. Mitch was in surgery under Dr. Norris' direct care for nearly four hours and held overnight for monitoring. Dr. Tangeman kept me informed of Mitch's status and notified me as soon as he was ready for release. He was in and out in under 24 hours. Mitch is currently in recovery and improves with each passing day. I found everyone at VSEC to be knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, communicative and accommodating. I would highly suggest this facility to any pet owner in need of special care.

— TL
Image: TL
Above and beyond

Thank you to all the people at VSEC, including people behind the scene, for the wonderful work you do. For all your efforts to help the doctors do the best they can for their patients. Thank you so much for the great care that you gave to Lucy. You are a truly exceptional team! A very special thank you for Dr. Crupi and Dr. Russell who saved Lucy's life.

— Anna M.
Image: Anna M.
Very compassionate and patient

When we woke up this morning we didn't realize we had to make the decision to put our 14-year-old Labrador down today. I called after my dog had what seemed to have had a seizure and wasn't moving very quickly and his breathing was labored. They were all kind from the time I was on the phone in tears to when we brought him in. They took him in on a gurney. They were very compassionate and patient with us. Thank you.

— Tracy B.
Really loved her like their own

Here's Tuvy post-op. She is doing great. We had her nose redone and her palate resected so that her little smushed face could take in more air and hopefully, lead to a longer, happier, healthier life. The folks at VSEC were awesome and really loved The Tuvs like their own.

— Michael D.
Image: Michael D.